Les Reines Prochaines - Blut

Album (CD)

Production: David Kerman,
Frizz Rickenbach, Johannes Vetsch
Recorded by: Anna Weisse
Mixed and co-produced by:
Oliver Mauermann, Startrack Studio
Mastered by: Dan Suter

in cooperation with
Les Reines Prochaines
LES REINES PROCHAINES - Sonntag ist Bratentag
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Cover art (by Iris Baumann/Tobias Madörin):
01 Sonntag ist Bratentag
02 Kreisel sind Rund
03 Unsere Hecke
04 Alter Ego
05 Shila
06 You Spoil Me
07 Ich bin in einem Alter wo ich nie weiss ob es das letzte mal ist
08 Bliss
09 Identität
10 Lick Me With Your Mothertongue
11 Takime: Die Geschichte
12 Takime: Das Lied
13 Virus
14 Sonntag Instrumental
15 Verena die hat Pläne
16 Please Take My Heart
17 Monika
18 I Am So Beautiful
19 Ach was würd ich gerne
20 Von Fenchel und Wurst
21 Heroes Of Everyday Life
Release-Date: 02/02/2013

Les Reines Prochaines are:
Fränzi Madörin, Muda Mathis, Michèle Fuchs, Sus Zwick

Guests: Barbara Naegelin, Sibylle Hauert
Drums: David Kerman

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Once again, here are the heroines of everyday life! Their music: dense, precise, their beats driving at times, beating hard on the pulse of postmodernism. They put red meat on the bones. BLOOD for Les Reines Prochaines is not the blood of bloodshed or war, but of life itself—heart‘s blood, hot blood, menstrual blood, the bloody tears of the Holy Mother of God, blood sausage, and red hot. Blood—the thick warm deep syrup of life.

21 tracks, songs and sound poems from LRP‘s last live programs. Songs written by life itself, ballads—bold and light, tableaux full of sumptuous tales. Songs for the serious, songs for the silly, served up by five exciting lead voices, a playful rhythm section, juicy brass riffs and heavenly refrains.

LRP‘s taste goes to a minimalist, unpolished sound, pop, punk, chanson and folk. Everything they‘ve ever heard and been touched by goes into it, making for stylistic nuances that combine tango, cabaret, Balkan beat, mariachi, piano lounge, klezmer and Brecht-Weil.

The lyrics are in German, English and Spanish. Each song an individual work sung by one of the queens, songs as different as the temperaments of their composers.

Les Reines Prochaines will present their new live-program "Syrup of life" in Vienna (Kosmos Theater) from 07/06/2013 to 08/06/2013

The release of the new album is accompanied by the 77-minute documentary film „Les Reines Prochaines“ by Claudia Willke, produced by Stella Händler. The Hamburg filmmaker followed LRP for over three years and shows how they keep breaking down the barriers between music, theatre, visual art and film and recombining them with wit, imagination and radical cheek.

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