STE MCCABE (Edinburgh)

Queer-feminist one-man electro punk band

"I blend punk rock riffs, pop melodies, dated beats and working class lefty queerness into things often called songs. I am a politicised queer, feminist, working class bastard and I like to make people dance with my rantings."

Ste uses a distorted guitar, drum machines and a synth to make noises with. He has been playing live since summer 2006 and has performed everywhere from the Royal Festival Hall to queer squat parties. He mostly plays in the UK (where he is based), but he can often be found further across Europe also. His 3rd album "Bad Kitty" came out in october 2012 on Cherryade Records. In november 2013 he released a 7-inch-split with Mayr from Vienna at UNRECORDS. [Details]

“Ste McCabe is a queer-feminist-punk-poet for the people"
Time Out London

"Ste McCabe is angry, hilarious and brilliant. Most importantly, he gives a shit. It’s time you started to give a shit about him too."
The Line of Best Fit

"This is that particular brand of hardcore electro synth DIY punk, which reminds you that being queer can be celebrated without any sort of conformance whatsoever." - Gay Times