"plentor kid" (-> watch on vimeo)

MUTTTRICX (Vienna) [2010-2014]

One guitar, one drum-set, a lot of effects, electronics and -
of course - improvisation.

Guitar-effect pedals and synthesizers create a charged atmosphere, like undistilled particles vibrating in a field of energy that, compressed by guitar and drums, fall in Post-Rock-like fragments. The music arises from the dynamic interplay between guitar and electronics, emerging from the moment of live improvisation.

MuttTricx' music pulls you in: listeners get submerged in rich electric guitar and urgent drums; the electronics let one forget that human needs air to breathe. Disturbing voices that emerge from sound surfaces give you a feeling that is hard to escape. Mighty, you could say, though MuttTricx’ music may be too minimalist for this adjective. Powerful is a better description, especially if one pictures their live concerts. On stage, MuttTricx create their own sphere, their music drives into the ground, while the riffs and patterns fill the space completely, encircling the audience.

"Eine meiner persönlichen Lieblingsentdeckungen des letzten Jahres ist das Wiener Noiserockprojekt MuttTricx. Viel Wummern, viel Knistern, ein waberndes, pulsierendes Energiefeld des wunderschönen Lärms." (Alexandra Augustin, FM4, April 2013)

MUTTTRICX released their self-titled debut-album in may 2013 on UNRECORDS (in cooperation with Zach Records)! [Details...]